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TEKINA Collection

TEKINA - Means Leader in the Taíno Language.

New Takina.png

BAGUA QUEEN Collection

BAGUA - Means Sea in the Taíno Language.


GUAMIQUINA - Means Important Person in the Taíno Language.

RSV COLIBRI Collection

COLIBRI - Means Hummingbird in the Taíno Language.

New Colibri.jpg

BELARMINA Collection

BELARMINA - Means Beautiful Armor, a popular name in Puerto Rican culture.

BANA Collection

BANA - Means Greatness in the Taíno Language.

TINIMA Collection

TINIMA - the name of a Taína Cacique Princess, known for her Strength, Bravery & Beauty.

MANICATO Collection

MANICATO - Taíno word for a Bold & Valiant person of a good heart.


CALYNN Collection

CALYNN - Taíno word meaning Powerful in Battle.

YAYA Collection

YAYA - Known as the Taíno Great Spirit.

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OCT 32.png

MÚCARO Collection

MÚCARO - Taíno name for a Night Owl.

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OCT 14.png

YUQUIYU Collection

YAYA - The Taíno God of the Rainforest.

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OCT 8.png

WASABARA Collection

WASABARA - The Taíno word for Battle.

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OCT 9.png
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