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Owner/Designer ~ Raquel Santiago

Wellness Bracelets.jpg

After a 2year hiatus Raquel Santiago is very excited to be back in her Atelier Studio. With over 20 years’ experience her use of unconventional materials, often hand-picked from her native Island of Puerto Rico, mixed with high quality Gemstones, Pearls and Metals transcends her vision into Innovative, Modern and Unique timeless Works of Art. Acclaimed for her unapologetic approach to fashion Raquel has been featured in numerous TV shows, Magazine Covers, and high-end Boutiques in New York & Puerto Rico amongst others.


As a Navy Veteran her passion for Service and Wellness is evident throughout her career. Still serving the community and fellow Veterans as part of the American Legion while also creating Wellness Bracelets with high healing properties for nonprofit fundraisers and bringing awareness to some amazing causes.  


Inspired by her heritage, this collection pays homage to the Taino culture by utilizing materials, names and places found within the Taino vocabulary.


Her unique perspective on Fashion allows you to break boundaries. Why choose between Elegance or Power when you can have both!

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