Wellness Bracelets are Stretch Bracelets made with professional grade cord.

Labrodorite is known as the Stone of Protection.  Stimulates Intuition, Calms Anxiety and Promotes Mental Sharpness.


Style Options include:

1. Lava Rock & Metal HexNut

2. 18x9mm Gunmetal plated Brass tubes & Corrugated Buffalo Bone

3. Lava Rock & Metal HexNut

4. Metal Spikes & Metal HexNut

5. Marble & Metal Beading

6. 12x11mm Hemalyke & Metal HexNut

7. 30x8mm Blue Labradorite & Metal HexNut

8. Recycled Beer Bottle Glass from Puerto Rico & Metal Beading



Wellness Bracelets His & Hers Collection - Labradorite